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Animation and seriality

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It is now five years since animation artist Don Hertzfeldt released his tragicomedy feature It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012), which brings together his three short films Everything Will Be OK (2006), I Am So Proud of You (2008) and the 2011 short after which the trilogy is titled. The work thus exists (and has been a success) as serial shorts and as a feature-length film made using the same footage. Yet, it is a different experience, I argue, to view the work as serial episodes—whether years apart or ‘binged’—than to treat it as a movie. Normally, storytelling that spans over separate installments/episodes is structured differently from one-off films. Taking the understanding of ‘seriality’ from Television Studies in the sense of how a narrative arc is organized into subsequent episodes, [i] I want to look at this trilogy’s storytelling, and ask: what occurs to the way and the intensity with which this work conveys its narrative through animation when the seriality of the three episodes is seamlessly edited together into one film? Indeed, in light of Hertzfeldt’s recent release of an ‘episode two’ to his 2016 Oscar-nominated short World of Tomorrow , it is now apt to consider the question of seriality in his work. Tagliatore peaked lapels blazer Buy Cheap New Arrival 2018 New Online Great Deals For Sale Buy Cheap Authentic On67g

Don Hertzfeldt is known for creating ostensibly simple, stick-figure style animated shorts that convey existentialist undercurrents – and outbursts thereof. The three installments of It’s Such a Beautiful Day were shot on 35mm and made combining his iconic pencil-drawn animation with photographed and live-action material, manipulated with in-camera techniques, and direct (drawn-on-film) animation. The trilogy traces the deteriorating psyche of the troubled stick-figure man Bill, who suffers from an obscure mental condition and ruminates on the mundanity of his life and existence. The Guardian ’s reviewer David Jenkins notes that it has been compared to Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life (2011) because ‘it is similarly structured as a catalogue of apparently banal vignettes and observations that, when stitched together, form an exhilarating tapestry of life’s unnoticed but vital minutiae’. Dvf Diane Von Furstenberg wideleg tailored trousers Outlet How Much Cheapest Sale Online Outlet Collections Websites Cheap Price zniMcDqyvD
It is this stitching together that warrants a closer look.

Short-form films—especially animated ones—tend to fall in the gap between film and other media studies. It’s Such a Beautiful Day is particularly odd, as it is not a one-off film nor simply a series of episodes. It is a trilogy of shorts made into a feature film. At a 2013 screening I co-organized, the audience’s response developed from bursts of laughter during parts one and two to increasingly muffled snickering as it progresses through to part three – as if unsure whether it is still ethical to be laughing at the gradually unfolding fate of this stick-figure man for whom we have come to feel dearly within the hour. [iv] This filmic experience is less seamless and likely different when watching the shorts apart from each other.

Figure 1.
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The emblematic New Zealand kaka , an endangered native forest-dependant parrot reintroduced into Wellington city. Photo: Keith Payne.

Figure 1.
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The emblematic New Zealand kaka , an endangered native forest-dependant parrot reintroduced into Wellington city. Photo: Keith Payne.

As for other parrot species, such as the rainbow lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus , musk lorikeet Glossopsitta concinna , and red-rumped parrots Psephotus haematonotus that have successfully colonized city parklands in Australia ( Lill 2009 ), the kaka has recently been reintroduced to sites in or near the NZ capital, Wellington city ( Miskelly et al. 2005 ; Kerry and Linklater 2013). Recent management objectives for the city identify a need to improve functional connectivity for wildlife species, and recognize the importance of understanding animal movements within patches to guide management strategies (Wellington City Council 2013). The success of the re-establishment of a kaka population and expansion also depends on the control of introduced mammalian predators. The main introduced predators of kaka (and other native birds) are stoats Mustela erminea , which kill adults (in particular females incubating eggs), brush-tailed possums Trichosurus Vulpecula , which rob nests and compete for high-energy foods and nest-sites, and rats ( Rattus sp.), which prey on eggs and nestlings ( Moorhouse et al. 2003 ; Heather and Robertson 2005 ). Pest control programs based on poisoning, trapping, and artificial physical barriers (e.g., to protect kaka nest cavities) have been applied to mitigate the impact caused by introduced mammals ( Dilks et al. 2003 ; Greene and Jones 2003 ; Moorhouse et al. 2003 ; Veltman and Westbrook 2011 ).

In Wellington city, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (now known as Zealandia) is a predator-free fenced area containing abundant native forest and connected to a green-belt surrounding the city ( King 2005 ). The expectation was that species such as the kaka can find the necessary resources for breeding and feeding within the sanctuary, which is considered a population base supporting expansion of kaka along the city green-belt and green spaces toward other native habitat patches within the urban matrix. Kaka were first reintroduced into Zealandia in 2002 and more than 300 individuals have been banded there since then ( , retrieved 12-3-2015). The current kaka population in Wellington is estimated to be between 180 and 250 birds (Karori Sanctuary Trust 1 , 2013, Wellington, New Zealand, Unpublished data, unpublished data). Supplementary food in artificial feeders is provided year-round for kaka in the sanctuary (Kerry and Linklater 2013). However, reintroduced individuals are free to move over the exclusion fence and into city suburbs. The frequent presence of kaka in inner suburbs has been reported in previous research on sap feeding behavior (Kerry and Linklater 2013).

Title: The General Model of the Cloud-based Learning and Research Environment of Educational Personnel Training
Authors: Mariya Shyshkina
Comments: arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1807.08560
Journal-ref: This is a preprint of a paper published in: Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. - Proceedings of ICL2017. - Eds: M.E.Auer, D.Guralnick, I.Simonics. The final version at:
Subjects: Computers and Society (cs.CY)

The article highlights the promising ways of providing access to the cloud-based learning and research software in higher educational institutions. It is emphasized that the cloud computing services implementation is the actual trend of modern ICT pedagogical systems development. The analysis and evaluation of existing experience and educational research of different types of software packages use are proposed. The general model of formation and development of the cloud-based learning and research environment of educational personnel training is substantiated. The reasonable ways of methods selection on the basis of the proposed model are considered and the prospects for their use in educational systems of higher education are described. The analysis and assessment of the prospects of the cloud-based educational and research environment development is fulfilled.

Title: Deep Contextual Multi-armed Bandits
Authors: Mark Collier , Under Sale Online Original Sale Online Cédric Charlier flared wrap midi dress Cheap 100% Authentic aUvUrsB
Subjects: Machine Learning (cs.LG) ; Machine Learning (stat.ML)

Contextual multi-armed bandit problems arise frequently in important industrial applications. Existing solutions model the context either linearly, which enables uncertainty driven (principled) exploration, or non-linearly, by using epsilon-greedy exploration policies. Here we present a deep learning framework for contextual multi-armed bandits that is both non-linear and enables principled exploration at the same time. We tackle the exploration vs. exploitation trade-off through Thompson sampling by exploiting the connection between inference time dropout and sampling from the posterior over the weights of a Bayesian neural network. In order to adjust the level of exploration automatically as more data is made available to the model, the dropout rate is learned rather than considered a hyperparameter. We demonstrate that our approach substantially reduces regret on two tasks (the UCI Mushroom task and the Casino Parity task) when compared to 1) non-contextual bandits, 2) epsilon-greedy deep contextual bandits, and 3) fixed dropout rate deep contextual bandits. Our approach is currently being applied to marketing optimization problems at HubSpot.

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