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Sunday 07.29.18

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The AldrichContemporaryArt Museum

on October 18, 2009 at 5:32 pm said:

Thanks for this write up, it’s a nice summary on Google Wave.

Repliers here and on other websites don’t seem to realize what’s possible with Wave. Hell, even I haven’t been able to fully understand where the limit is to what Wave can do. But basically it will be next way of communicating. I imagine it like this:

You have a business which runs it’s own wave server (much like most businesses run their own e-mail servers). On this wave server you do all the communication/collaboration stuff: you share documents (and write them up), do the messaging (like we used to do e-mail and IM), etc. This is much like Microsoft Exchange (which, btw, is usually selfhosted by companies – not run on Microsoft servers) and other Microsoft products like Sharepoint.

But where Exchange and Sharepoint stop at the border of an organization (due to propriety protocols, for instance), wave is as an open protocol as e-mail is: now you e-mail everyone (doesn’t matter whether they are inside or outside the organization), with Wave you will collaborate and communicate with everyone.

But it goes further: it will do all your internet-communication. Your communication on blogs and forums (like replying) will also be available in wave. Eventually wave will be your way to communicate to all kind of different services. And at some point it will probably replace a lot of the ‘older’ services like e-mail, IM and Twitter as well, just because wave can do this (and do this better).

A small example: e-mail (SMTP) was build on a basis of trust (like a lot of the old internet protocols), people never imagined it being abused like it is today (94% of all e-mail is spam). This was never imagined because the amount of spam in our snailmail is not as much; to bad that ‘they’ didn’t think that the Internet would be such a big thing these days and that sending e-mail is so easy a widely spread ;). Wave is developed with the knowledge we have today: we look at the internet in a much different way and it’s fully incorporated into our lives; spam will probably be a thing of the past.

Now don’t worry about Google going for world domination, this will all be released open source (all of it: the client, the server). People can even write up their own wave servers, as long as they use the protocol thought of by Google. This is the same as with e-mail. And yes, if you don’t communicate with users on Google’s own wave platform then Google will never know you’re even using wave (exactly the same as Google doesn’t know your e-mail address if you’ve never e-mailed to a Gmail user).

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We just released another robot and gadget for Google Wave.

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AWS Amplify Push Notifications module allows you to integrate push notifications in your app with Amazon Pinpoint targeting and campaign management support.

Push Notifications are currently supported only for React Native . For handling Web Push Notification with Service Workers, visit our Cheap And Nice Recommend Molli Erica tunic dress EHC2k8zvV4

This guide provides a step-by-step introduction to start working with push notifications in React Native with Amazon Pinpoint. Amazon Pinpoint helps you to monitor your app’s usage, create messaging campaigns targeted to specific user segments or demographics, and collect interaction metrics with push notifications.

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Installation and Configuration

Setup instructions are provided for Android and iOS, and configuration for both platforms can be included on the same React Native project.

Make sure you have a Cheap Sneakernews Versace Signature tote bag Cheap Sale 2018 Unisex Clearance Official CO78qLk
and app setup.

Set up Android push notifications in Amazon Pinpoint Console. Rosie Assoulin straw bucket crossbody bag Buy Cheap Visa Payment Free Shipping 2018 Newest Fake For Sale Cheap Usa Stockist Sneakernews Online ag3f2qwVj

Add your API key and Sender ID to AWS Pinpoint Console. Clearance Great Deals Mira Mikati Wonder wave ribbon dress Discount Authentic Purchase Your Favorite Clearance For Sale Buy Cheap Clearance Store YfDIFr1

That would install required npm modules and link React Native binaries. Please note that linking aws-amplify-react-native but not completing the rest of the configuration steps could break your build process. Please be sure that you have completed all the steps before you build your app.

Project Overview Project Settings Add App Add Firebase to your Android App com.myProjectName Register App

Also update maven url as the following under allprojects > repositories . Revise allprojects to be:

Setup iOS Push Notifications and create a p12 certificate as instructed here in Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide .

Add your p12 certificate to AWS Mobile Hub console as instructed here in Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide .

Please note that linking aws-amplify-react-native but not completing the rest of the configuration steps could break your build process. Please be sure that you have completed all the steps before you build your app.

Open ios/myapp.xcodeproj project file with Xcode.

Using Xcode, manually link the PushNotificationIOS library to your project. Please follow those steps in React Native developer Documentation (Step 3 is not required)

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